Women Helping Women

@ New Beginnings

For me 2020 is all about growth. I spent a lot of time reflecting on how I could extend the stores impact on the lives of women. This program was launched at New Beginnings Holistic healing in May of 2020. There are 5 pieces to Women Helping Women @ New Beginnings. Here is a brief overview of what we do through this program. Click the subpages for a more in-depth look and to apply (if applicable). 


First it is providing a grant once a year to a women's business to help them achieve their goals. A portion of the sales proceeds from the store will go to this fund. Since it is a new program, there will only be 1 grant given out for 2020. The winner will be selected on November 30th of each year.  We hope to extend this to more recipients in the future as we continue to grow this program. Currently we will only be accepting applications from Clark and Wood county WI. 

Second is our Working Women's Wednesdays held the first Wednesday of each month. These will be in person get togethers at the shop. Sometimes they will be themed other-times just informal chats to help support each other and provide feedback and encouragement. This is a FREE event! 

Third is our scholarship program. This program is to assist workshop costs for those who can not afford to attend otherwise. I don't want anyone to not be able to attend due to cost. Rich or poor we all deserve to learn, grow and be happy! 

Forth is our charity of the month. This is where we give to local charities to assist them in their mission. Each month we select a different organization to assist. 

Fifth is Project beautify. This is a program to assist women who are in need of a confidence boost. Feeling beautiful inside and out is equally important. 

Thank you for being a part of Women Helping Women @ New Beginnings! Every time you shop, get a service or donate your funds go to help women!!