What's your number? Are you a musical 2? A young-at-heart 3? Or a brilliant 12? Find out with Titania's Book of Numerology.
Numerology doesn't make you what you are, but it is a wonderful symbolic language which helps you to understand yourself and others. All the calculations you need to unravel your own personality, your lover's inclinations, your chances of compatibility in a relationship, and your future can be derived easily from your birth date - and here Titania will show you how.
Just as Titania Hardie offers a woman-centered, modern interpretation of the I Ching in Good Fortune and how to attract it, here she offers a feminist interpretation of numerology. "The welcome arrival of the number 2 in the new millennium embraces a more sharing, feminine ideal of cooperation," she writes. Shonagh Rae's funky, urban-inspired illustrations and intense color choices evoke the energy of graffiti, reinforcing the book's fresh, contemporary appearance.
Each chapter of this book looks in depth at one number, its properties if it is a Day Force or Birth Force, how it can help you understand those you have relationships with, and what kind of experiences you will have in the future.

About the Author:

Titania Hardie, a well-known white witch, has written over 20 books, including Titania's Fortune Cards, Titania's Wishing Spells: Wealth, Love, Happiness, Peace, and the children's series The Frangipani Fairies. In Sydney, Australia, where she was born, Titania's mother and grandmother, both witches themselves, encouraged her to develop her intuition and connect with nature. With degrees in psychology and English, Hardie has regularly contributed to popular British TV shows This Morning with Richard & Judy and The Paul O'Grady Show. After years of giving readings in person and through her Web site, Hardie is now devoted to connecting with people through her writing.


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