Quarter Update 4/2020

Hi all!

Its been a while since I popped on and gave you all a blog post. Life's been a little uprooted lately with the Covid-19 crisis. As you know the safer at home order has shut down the store for in person shopping and for services (booo, I know). As you may have seen on our Facebook page I haven't sat idle. I've taken this time to perfect the store a bit and complete some projects that had been on the back burner for some time. So what have I been up to?

Not 1 but 2 workshop stations are ready to rock n roll

2nd treatment room is completed and BEAUTIFUL!!

I reorganized the entire store

Added in our new awaited products!!

2nd seating area/lounge

New products?!! YES!!! SO MUCH GOODNESS!!! I promised you all books to help you reach your true selves and potentials and boy did I deliver. A lot of the great titles we offer are on our website. I have some yet to add (soon I promise). We also expanded our inspirational clothing line :) And did I mention rocks yet?.... LOTS more rocks to choose from. Did you all hear about the Happy Planners?? A serious MUST HAVE in EVERYONE'S life. Watch for live videos on these on our facebook page. You won't want to miss out. LIFE CHANGING!!

I know most of you have heard me talking about writing my own Reiki curriculum for classes and well Covid-19 finally gave me the time to get that done. I am proud to announce our new Reiki curriculum is completed and bound. Ready to teach you all the wonderful world of reiki. Can't wait for the first batch of students that get to get their hands on those.

With the extra time Covid-19 provided I also sat down and finished writing my workshop series. We now have an even better and expanded workshop series coming to you all Summer 2020 or whenever we can get off this Safer at Home order.

The Safer at Home order unfortunately post poned our Aromatouch training so we can't get that added to our line up just yet. But stay tuned we are shooting for June tentatively. More info to come on Aromatouch! Your going to LOVE IT!!

Speaking of new services I also signed up for the Energy Facelift Class. Its towards the end of May at this time, waiting to see if it gets post poned or not due to Covid-19. Keep your fingers crossed class is not delayed so this service can be available to you soon.

I hope you all are staying safe and staying home and most of all enjoying the updates and posts on our facebook page :) Can't wait to see you all soon. Also if you haven't already be sure to check out our Customer Appreciation week coming up mid June. Details to come!!!

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