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Many of you may have seen that I recently launched our Women Helping Women program. If you haven't seen it, check it out! I spent a lot of time through out this pandemic pondering how I can expand the store impact on the lives of women in our community. Women Helping Women @ New Beginnings is what I came up with. There are 5 parts to this program so it can spread across a diverse group of women.

My first part is women owned business grants. Yes there are a lot of programs out there that are tailored towards women owned businesses. However, many of them want mainstream ideas and they don't favor businesses in small economic areas. This prevents many from benefiting who could truly use it. To make my program diverse, I'm putting an emphasis on helping the underdog so to speak. If you believe in you then I do too! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Being someone who started at the bottom and had to work herself from the ground up in every-way, I understand the need to assist people who are struggling so they can access the tools needed to better themselves and there lives. New Beginnings is a no judgement zone. I know first hand that there is no black and white situation that should make someone qualify or not. I don't want people to have to beg or "prove" themselves. You think you need help this month to attend a workshop then submit your non invasive app. It's really a no judgement app process. Our only limitation is the number of free workshops given out each month. I hope to expand out the number of free spots available but for starting purposes, I have capped the program at 7 recipients per month.

Free social hour at the shop every first Wednesday of the month! HECK YES! Working Women's Wednesday is all about brainstorming, and women empowerment. Bring your positive pants and let's bring great minds together.

New Beginnings cant do it all and be there for every situation. There are so many great non profits out there supporting women and we want to help them. Every month we have a selected charity to donate a portion of our sales too! How exciting is that?! Your purchases help so many in so many ways!!

Lastly we have project Beautify. Women put themselves last ALWAYS. When times get tough we put our self care on the back burner more than ever. This can cause serious mental health issues. Project Beautify gives women a free hair cut, a 1/2 hr Reiki session and a beautify box. This program is currently limited to 1 recipient per month with hopes to grow to allow more. We look forward to helping women in need feel beautiful inside and out!

Applications are live on our website!

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